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DOGMA Dj school is a whole community-both in the school itself and on the online platform. The educational process in our school is accessible to everyone. We have created convenient and effective programs that take place in a friendly atmosphere and makes DJing a thrill.
Cool team
Each teacher is unique in the skill of his work
New format
During the courses, you will have the opportunity to study on top-of-the-art equipment in the studio. We have an eco-friendly atmosphere, mandatory teachers, clear programs and feedback. Music and djing are love and passion.
Master classes from the coolest DJs and musicians of the world stage. We invite students to events and hold useful meetings for the community.
Our program is exclusive and covers absolutely all aspects of DJing. It has been developed over the 6 years of the school based on the best programs and techniques, as well as meets all European standards, where DJing has long been an officially recognized profession.
All training is held in practice. Theory is combined with practice and does not require separate lessons.
Elementary program:
  • Safety and operating rules of the equipment.
  • Connecting and setting up dj equipment.
Working with CD players:
  • Setting the "CUE" mark.
  • Setting the speed "Tempo Control Slider".
Working with mixer boards. Mixing:
  • Connecting and using headphones
  • volume "Gain" setting
  • "Hi, Mid, Low" equalizer work
  • composition and composition composition "fractions, bars, squares", "verses, choruses, transitions"
  • Basics of club (Extended) versions of tracks
Work with CD players:
  • setting the "CUE" label
  • "Tempo Control Slider" speed setting
  • working with built-in "Vinyl, Loop, Hot Cue" effects
  • Studying all additional functions of CD players
Working with mixing consoles. Mixing:
  • Connecting and using headphones. Their functions and types
  • Volume "Gain" adjustment
  • working with the equalizer "Hi, Mid, Low"
  • the basics and types of mixing club (Extended) and radio versions of the tracks
  • composition and composition composition "fractions, bars, squares", "verses, choruses, transitions
  • studying the main styles and directions of electronic music
  • working with built-in effects on mixing consoles
  • unwanted effects and types of mixing
  • plugging in and using a microphone
  • using Cross Faider
  • Learning all additional functions of mixing consoles
Working with vinyl turntables:
  • adjusting height, weight, glide
  • needles and cartridges. Varieties and rules of operation
  • Vinyl records. How to use and care for them
  • Finding the beat and starting the record
  • Tempo Control Slider speed settings
  • The basics of Scratch (Baby, Scribble, Forward, and Chop). Using the Cross Faider
  • Learning all the extra features of vinyl turntables.
  • Overview of different models of DJ equipment. Their differences and specifics of work
  • Switching and connecting the equipment
  • searching and sorting music material
  • Buying music from digital media stores and ordering vinyl records
  • compiling, recording dj sets and mixes
  • tips on rider writing, bio writing, and press releases
  • rules of communication with art-directors, organizers and public in night clubs
  • tips for initial promotion
  • Working with programs for djs:
  • working with NI Traktor program
  • working with Serato
  • Working with sound editor Sony Sound Forge:
  • installation and setup
  • editing and tuning
  • recording, editing and mastering mixes
For an additional fee is possible:
  • professional photo session. Retouching of ten photos
  • creation of text logo and design based on the photo session
  • writing a bio and writing a press release
  • Registration, setup and design of all necessary Internet portals for the DJ:
  • PromoDJ, VKontakte, Showbiza, MixCloud, SoundCloud, Facebook and others.
  • Creation of a cover-template for promo mixes
  • Creation of online business card site. Help with site registration, domain purchase and hosting fees

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