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Dj Webby DJ and musician

Dj Webby — Ди-Джей/Музыкант. Настоящее имя Анна Гесть г. Минск, Беларусь. Эта девушка с огромными перспективами в творчестве, обладающая отличным мастерством и безупречным вкусом.
Dj Webby DJ and musician
Dj Webby (Anna Gest) - Presents
Guest Mix - Shore of Endless Sunset
On TF6 Radio Show - TALK THE MUSIC
Hosted by Roman Melmont
Greetings to connoisseurs in unconventional, multifaceted and motivating to create music.
You are in a space free from age, geographical and ideological constraints.
Dj Webby is a DJ/Musician. Real name is Anna Gestt. Minsk, Belarus.
This girl with great creative prospects with excellent skills and impeccable taste. She got up behind the console in 2010, Dj Webby is one of the few representatives of modern music club culture - who develops deejing as creative work. Her desire to convey to the listener the beauty of his soul! All its colors and tones, all the brightness of emotions.
Energeticness, purposefulness, desire to develop allow Anna to take an active part in original projects. One of the proofs of this is her participation in the Dj-Battle 2013 competition, where she took the 3rd place. In her creative work she uses qualitative material, musical direction - Deep House, Melodic House & Techno, Indie Dance, Electronica, these styles are filled with an atmospheric sound, deep bass line, a wide range of emotions!
Anna's inner creative energy doesn't allow her to stand still, she's been writing her own tracks, which are released on foreign labels.
There is no pessimism, sadness or gloom in her music. Her set is a mix of good and positive emotions, giving a powerful charge! She feels the audience and is open to it. Once you've been to her performance, you won't stay indifferent!