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DJ Groove

Евгений Рудин, более известный под псевдонимом DJ Groove, это известный музыкант, прекрасно проявивший себя в самых разных сферах творчества.
DJ Groove
Evgeny Rudin, better known under the pseudonym DJ Groove, is a famous musician who has excelled in a variety of creative fields. He worked as a producer, wrote music for films and also acted as a solo performer.
Such versatility allowed the artist to find his signature style, and with it the first real fans. Today, Evgeny Rudin is a popular musician who is known, without exaggeration, in every corner of the CIS. But how did our today's hero come to such a great success? To understand it, our biographical article dedicated to the famous DJ will help you.
Evgeny Rudin was born in the city of Apatity on April 6, 1972. About his family and relatives almost nothing is known. However, some interesting facts can be found in the early life of the musician. So, in particular, most sources note that one of the musician's school buddies was the well-known TV presenter Andrey Malakhov. For a long time they were in the same class, and therefore still maintain friendly relations.
However, at some point their life paths diverged. After graduating from eleven classes Evgeny Rudin went to St. Petersburg, where he later began his ascent to the tops of Russian musical Olympus. In the city on the Neva our hero of today entered the St. Petersburg Conservatory, where he began to work systematically on his vocals. However, the musical environment quickly enough changed his creative plans.
It's all about the fact that during his student years, the artist began to seriously engage in DJing. In his free time he was sitting at the dj's console for several hours inventing and perfecting different tunes. He began to succeed, and so in a couple of years, our hero today has become quite well known in certain circles of St. Petersburg.
But the first serious success came to Evgeny Rudin outside St. Petersburg. As a member of NOT FOUND band, the artist performed at the first rave festival in the Soviet Union, "Gagarin-party", which immediately brought him success. This performance became the first step of the artist to new serious success. Since 1990 till 1993 DJ Groove performed on the most different "parties", he also worked as a promoter of Aquadelica project, he also cooperated a lot with Kiss FM radio station and some London radio stations.
His successes on the music scene forced Evgeny to quit his studies at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. However, he hardly ever regretted it. In 1993 Evgeni Rudin played at the big DMC festival in London, and also became the "star" guest of the first Russian DJ competition. After that our today's hero performed in Europe and Russia for quite a long time together with other famous DJs. During this period DJ Groove became well known in the world of dance music.
In 1995 our today's hero became the first program director and also the host at the newly created radio station "Station 106.8". At the same time Evgeny Rudin began to cooperate with Russian celebrities of those years, writing all sorts of remixes of previously created compositions.
Evgeny became known as an independent musician in the mid-nineties. During this period all radio stations in Russia began to play his compositions - "Service novel", "Gypsy" and others. Many of them were based on old well-known tunes. A certain exception was only the composition "Happiness Is", the main "chip" of which was the use of voices of Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife Raisa. It was this composition that brought the greatest success to the artist. In 1996 it stayed on the first line of the hit parade of the radio "Maximum" for six weeks. For this song the DJ got several prestigious awards.
This was followed by the composition "Vote or Lose," written specifically for the election campaign of Boris Yeltsin, as well as a whole series of solo albums. Thus, in the nineties DJ Groove became widely known, and that is why many famous Russian performers themselves started to turn to him for help. In different years, he collaborated with the group "Blestyaschie", the singer Lika and even Iosif Kobzon. In addition, the artist has also written several compositions for the films "Down House" directed by Ivan Okhlobystin and "Midlife Crisis", directed by the notorious singer Garik Sukachev.
In the late nineties and early 2000s, the actor began working as a producer with the singer Nikita and the young group "Guests from the Future". It is largely thanks to the help of Yevgeny Rudin that these projects became known and popular.
In the two-thousand years already as a popular performer DJ Groove began to actively tour in Eastern Europe.
Between 2001 and 2011, our current hero managed to record and release nine successful albums at once. At some point, however, his popularity slowly began to decline. The reason for this to some extent became new projects of the musician, aimed at the promotion of jungle and dreem-house music in Russia. But we shouldn't say that it was the only reason.
DJ Groove - "Fly away".
Losing the competition to western artists, who became more and more active on the Eastern European market, Evgeny Rudin began to explore new avenues and new creative projects. In 2006 he created in Moscow school for young DJs AUDIO, where he passed his experience to talented beginners. In addition to that our present hero has also worked on composing the compositions for some Russian movies. Among his latest works are the soundtracks for the films "Our Russia. Eggs of Fate", "Phobos. Fear Club" and "Parrot Club".
As a solo artist in 2013, Evgeny Rudin released the single "POP DOPE", which is currently the last in his musical career. Currently, our today's hero is actively engaged in charity, participating in social projects of the most different orientation. Recently, the artist pays a lot of attention to the problem of missing children.
In everyday life, DJ Groove is fond of collecting wines. It is known for sure that relatively recently the musician even graduated from special courses of sommelier.
In this hobby Eugene is helped by his wife, who also shares his interests. The artist Alexandra Rudina (known under the name - DJ Sandra) is the wife of our today's hero for several years.