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Dead Blonde

Стиль музыки Арины относится к поп-рейву девяностых годов, оценить музыку можно в ее первом полноценном альбоме под названием «Пропаганда», вышедшем 30 апреля 2020 года.
Dead Blonde
Real name Arina Bulanova
Artist occupation
Date of birth 06/04/1999 (age 23)
Place of residence Russia, Saint Petersburg
Aries zodiac sign
CHILD Arina Bulanova was born April 6, 1999 in Arkhangelsk. She spent her childhood in the Solombala district of Arkhangelsk. Arina's youth was turbulent: she admitted that she had read her mother's books about the psychology of marginalized people, dreamed of being a girlfriend of the 90s gangsters, sat on image boards, studied articles about mental disorders and drugs. At 14 Arina ran away from home when her parents discovered and read aloud her correspondence on VKontakte.
By the age of 18 the main goal of the girl was to escape from cold and unloved Arkhangelsk, where there were no opportunities to develop her creativity. Parents set a condition: pass the USE well, go to college to get a stable profession - and only then live an independent life.
Despite the fact that Arina wanted to become a director, to please her parents she entered the Academy of the Investigative Committee in St. Petersburg. However, in January 2018, after the first session, she left the university. Her parents took her action hard, but Arina herself already knew what she wanted to do in life.
By that time she was already quite close to St. Petersburg musician GSPD David Deymour, aka MC Lord. Arina shot his first clip for the track "Dura" on her iPhone, and then four more clips, began traveling with David to concerts as a DJ. She took part in the recording of his tracks "Don't Tell Anyone", "Charged", "Katya Kishchuk" and "Dance Kill". MUSIC CAREER From 2018 to 2020, Arina was David's backup singer. And on January 7, 2020, the singer announced her first track on her VKontakte page: Hi, I'm Arina and I promised never to create a solo project. But my whole life revolves around dance music, and keeping a ton of ideas to myself has become unrealistic.
I'm still a part of GSPD, and I'll put my own songs to which David wrote the music here. The singer has positioned her work as "a feminine take on rave culture." On February 14, 2020, the girl published her first song, "Back to School," in the comments to which she wrote that it was almost a true story that happened to her personally. The idea, lyrics and vocals in this track belong to Arina, and the music was written by David.
After the song about the school the first Dead Blonde album was recorded very quickly: the release of "Propaganda" took place already on April 30, 2020. The track list included the compositions "First Disco", "Moscow Folk", "Feelings-Propaganda", "Roundup Mode", "Back to School" and "Russian doll". The debut album also included Dead Blonde's main hit "Boy on the Ninth", written in the style of 90's pop music, which had already gathered over 500 thousand listenings in a week after its release. The singer believes that today's youth likes to play in the 90's like the older generation liked to play war in the yards when they were kids.
Arina's style of music refers to the pop rave of the nineties, you can appreciate the music in her first full-length album titled "Propaganda", released on April 30, 2020.