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We Are Busy Bodies to reissue 1963 album featuring 'first electronic pop composition'

We Are Busy Bodies is reissuing Kid Baltan and Tom Dissevelt's 1963 album The Fascinating World of Electronic Music. The LP, which combines jazz with experimental electronics, is thought to predate other early electronic music productions, such as Delia Derbyshire's Dr. Who theme. The LP's 1957 track, "Song Of The Second Moon," is widely regarded to be the world's first electronic pop composition. At the same time as reissuing The Fascinating World of Electronic Music, which lands in November, the Canadian label will reissue Dissevelt's follow up album, 1965's Fantasy In Orbit. Listen to "Song Of The Second Moon." Watch a clip from 1959 of Baltan and Dissevelt explaining how electronic music is made.
Tracklist 01. Syncopation 02. Intersection (Fantasy For Electronic Sound And Orchestra) 03. Drifting 04. Vibration 05. Song Of The Second Moon 06. Whirling 07. Mechanical Motions 08. Pianoforte We Are Busy Bodies will release The Fascinating World of Electronic Music on November 12th, 2021. Photo: Royal Philips / Philips Company Archives